Index | 文京区で矯正歯科を行うチェレステ矯正歯科茗荷谷

Index | 文京区で矯正歯科を行うチェレステ矯正歯科茗荷谷

Orthodontic dentist specializing in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo
Dedicated to individual-skeleton-based orthodontics for building “functional and esthetical teeth alignment”

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Tokyo, Bunkyo Ward, Otsuka 3-5-1, Myogadani Clear Building 3F (along Kasuga Street)
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line "Myogadani" Station, 3-minute walk & Yurakucho Line "Gokokuji" Station, 9-minute walk

Weekend treatment and interest-free in-house installment payments available
Equipped with specialized equipment (dental CT, oral scanner)
Both aligner(Invisalign®) and wire braces are possible


“Japanese Style” Conscientious Attitude and Academic Treatment


Our clinic is specialized for orthodontics. Doctors here were belonging to Japanese national university for decades and were well-trained of orthodontics. We performed not only clinical treatment, but also academic research. Therefore, our treatment is all based on academic data base. Nowadays, numerous orthodontic clinics profess that their methods are ultimately quick, cheap, and with esthetical appliances.
However, orthodontic treatment method which is like “magic” does not yet exist, all methods should be used under basic biomechanical knowledge and principles. Therefore, we use the standard methods following the academic principles and ethnical rules.

Commonly, the orthodontics is imagined as an esthetical treatment. However, “making beautiful alignment” is only a minimal requirement for us, we place the most importance on “building correct oral function”. Orthodontics can improve the function of chewing, swallowing, and pronunciation. For another example, for one who has a large decay tooth which need to be extracted, we can move neighboring teeth to close this extracting space by orthodontic method. That is, orthodontics allow dentition without artificial restorations, avoiding delivery of a bridge or implant.

We also devote on first-time consultation; the patients can be consulted for several times until they can obtain consent to the treatment plan. The orthodontics treatment takes much time and money, and it is necessary to remove healthy teeth in some cases. Therefore, we spent much time communicating with patients before starting treatment. If orthodontics is not enough beneficial to the patient, we will not suggest performing it.

Our orthodontic treatment is not gorgeous, or someone may say that we are traditional and conservative.
Sometimes we even do difficult cases with few rewards. This is our “Japanese style” professionalism without compromise.

Why should you choose us?

Orthodontics based on academic evidence with experienced orthodontist


Our treatment are all based on academic evidence. We put emphasis on diagnosis, thus we prepared all equipment that is necessary to orthodontic examination: cephalometric X-ray, dental combine CT, intra-oral scanner.

Flexible and custom-made treatment goal under careful consultation


We devote time to listen the demand of patients, We consider medical factors, ( tooth alignment, facial appearance, masticatory function ), and social factors (working, school, financial condition); and then propose most suitable plan.

Do not suggest too early orthodontics to children


There is a best intervention timing of orthodontics for children. We are dedicated to find this optimal timing. Starting orthodontics too early induces elongation of treatment span uselessly, and increases risk of impaction teeth and tooth root resorption.

Orthodontics adapted to whole ages


Even elder patients have much oral prosthesis , we can do orthodontic treatment to fix troubles, esthetically and functionally. We apply lighter orthodontic force to protect them from extra trauma since elders have weaker teeth and periodontal tissue.

Rebuilding occlusion after missing teeth


We are also good at partial or limited orthodontics, which is a treatment involved only part of teeth. This partial orthodontics can help resolve other general dental problems. It costs lower and patients suffer less with partial appliance.

Opening hours and location with high convenience


Our clinic is open on Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays. We also open until pm 8:30 on week days. The patient could come for treatment conveniently.

Orthodontics solving your worries

“Individual treatment goal and customized treatment” Since every patient has different demands and situations, our treatment is not monotonous. We treat with individual method adapting everyone’s unique facial skeleton, age, and appearance.

Malocclusion of Children

The problem of occlusion can be solved by orthodontics started earlier. However, it is not a good idea to do this for all children. A treatment method called “Syou-Kyousei (which means plate orthodontics)”is very popular in Japan, and many dentists promote that this method starting from early ages (under 10 years old) can prevent teeth extraction hereafter. We think this is not a correct treatment philosophy because many cases are not necessary to be intervened so early. Most child malocclusion cases will improve naturally during growth ages. Therefore, please don’t be too nervous when your child is diagnosed as malocclusion during routine dental examination. You could consult us first, and we will check the optimal timing to start the orthodontics.

Unsatisfactory facial appearance

This issue is the so-called orthodontics that improve appearance. The problems of teeth alignment, such as projecting teeth, protruding lower jaw, snaggletooth, deep/open bite, etc., can all be fixed by orthodontic treatment. Lateral facial profile and smile line can be also corrected in most cases.

Functional problem of chewing or pronunciation

If you cannot bite off noodles with front teeth, or cannot pronounce correctly because of malocclusion, orthodontics can help you fix these troubles due to oral function.

Multiple missing/decayed teeth

If you did not care your teeth well, and some of them were decayed or removed, orthodontics can also help you. Because deep decayed teeth can be extruded by orthodontic method, and then be preserved in adequate cases. Even when teeth have been removed, the extraction space may be closed by moving adjacent teeth without delivery of implant or bridge. Most of these cases can be treated by partial appliances.

Preliminary treatment of prosthodontics/Comprehensive orthodontics

As a continuation of preceding topic, if the decayed tooth is not able to be preserved, and prosthodontics (crown/bridge/implant...) is necessary, orthodontics can also help. Good prosthesis cannot be fabricated with bad tooth alignment. For example, tilting adjacent teeth limit the space and axis of new prosthesis, so we can upright them and create an appropriate space by orthodontics. Therefore, before any treatment to place prosthesis, orthodontic consultation would better to be done first.


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