Charge | 文京区で矯正歯科を行うチェレステ矯正歯科茗荷谷

Charge | 文京区で矯正歯科を行うチェレステ矯正歯科茗荷谷


Consumption tax is included in all prices below.


Charge of Orthodontics

Consultation Fee Free
Examination Fee ¥33,000
Diagnosis Fee ¥33,000

Child Orthodontics Fundamental Fee


to Child Orthodontics

Partial Orthodontics (Braces)

Need to evaluated first (total ¥55,000~)

to Partial Orthodontics

Adult orthodontics (Braces)
Adult Orthodontics (Braces) Clear Plastic Braces with Metal Wires ¥770,000
Clear Ceramic Braces with White Wires ¥880,000
Metal Braces with Metal Wires ¥715,000
※ Fundamental fee could be paid by installments without additional charge. Please consult us if you want to use payment by installments. In principle, it will be fine to complete payment before the appointment of braces remove.
※ In most cases, all devices (except mini screws) fees are covered by fundamental fee. However, in few cases, it is necessary to use auxiliary devices with additional charge. We will explain to patients and ask for admission previously in these situations.
to Adult Orthodontics (Braces)
Adult orthodontics (orthodontic treatment using mouthpiece-type correction or Invisalign®)
Fundamental fee Difficulty level 1 (Express; mild partial correction) One jaw ¥170,000
Both jaws ¥203,000
Difficulty level 2 (Light; moderate partial correction; mild full jaw correction) One jaw ¥253,000
Both jaws ¥341,000
Difficulty level 3 (Moderate; moderate full-arch orthodontic treatment) ¥616,000
Difficulty level 4 (Comprehensive; Extraction case; Severe full-arch orthodontic treatment) ¥770,000
If the finishing is insufficient, temporary wire orthodontic devices may be used for treatment. There will be no additional charge for this.
Before starting active treatment, you must first pay the production fee for the aligner (approximately half of the above fundamental fee). The aligner cannot be ordered until the production fee is fully paid.
to mouthpiece-type correction or Invisalign®
Mini Screw (if necessary) Plus ¥16,500 per screw


Retainers Plate Type One jaw ¥22,000
Fixed Type One jaw ¥11,000
Clear Mouthpiece Type(Biostar®) One jaw ¥5,500
Clear Mouthpiece Type ( Vivera® , genuine product of Invisalign®) One jaw ¥11,800
Both jaws ¥15,100
3 sets one jaw ¥26,100
3 sets both jaws ¥37,100
Adjustment Fee ¥5,500 per appointment
Retention/Follow Up Fee ¥3,300 per appointment

An Example of Full Mouth Orthodontics

(Active treatment duration: 2 years)

  • Examination fee ¥33,000
  • Diagnosis fee ¥33,000
  • Fundamental fee (Clear plastic braces with metal Wires) ¥770,000
  • Adjustment fee ¥5,500 × 24 months
  • Retainers (plate type) ¥22,000×2

Total ¥1,012,000

Deduction for Medical Expenses

This is a system to have a deduction to deduct medical expenses from tax value of the year during the final income tax return, if the medical expenses are higher than a certain amount.

About Medical Deduction

The amount of medical deduction from taxation value can be calculated from a formula: “(amount of medical deduction) x (income tax rate)”. Amount of medical deduction is the value that can be taken off from the income. If whole income is over 200 million yen, amount of medical deduction can be calculated by another formula:。

(self medical expense + medical expense of all family of the year)- (amount of expenses covered by insurance) – ¥100,000

The income tax rate depends on the amount of income, please refer to following link.

About Income Tax Rate

Tooth Whitening

Office Bleaching ¥33,000
Home bleaching ¥27,500
Additional Bleaching Gel ¥5,500

※We have set menus of bleaching combined with PMTC.
to Tooth Whitening

Menu of Hygiene Maintenance

Tooth Cleaning PMTC + Fluoride Coating ¥13,200
Patient Having Orthodontic Treatment in Our Clinic ¥5,500
Under 6th Grade of Elementary School PMTC + Fluoride Coating ¥550
Stain Remove Air Flow Jet Polishing ¥7,700
Patient Having Orthodontic Treatment in Our Clinic ¥5,500


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