PMTC (Professional and Mechanical Teeth Cleaning) | 文京区で矯正歯科を行うチェレステ矯正歯科茗荷谷

PMTC (Professional and Mechanical Teeth Cleaning) | 文京区で矯正歯科を行うチェレステ矯正歯科茗荷谷

PMTC (Professional and Mechanical Teeth Cleaning)


PMTC is the abbreviation of “Professional and Mechanical Teeth Cleaning”. This is a tooth cleaning procedure performed by dentists or dental hygienists with Japanese national licenses. We can remove dental calculus, stains, biofilms efficiently which cannot be brushed by patients themselves. We also recommend having this treatment regularly.


  • Prevent decays and periodontal disease by removing calculus, stain, and biofilm.
  • Strengthen tooth substance by coating agent with fluoride.
  • Prevent bad breath by cleaning tooth surface. Calculus, stain, and biofilm also cause foul smells.
  • Make teeth more esthetical and fresher by polishing tooth surfaces.

*PMTC procedure is divided to 2-4 times on most Japanese dental offices. But we can complete all PMTC procedure in one appointment.

The Procedure of PMTC

step1Pre-treatment Examination

Check the present intra-oral condition and mark calculus and stain.

step2Instruction of Self Tooth Cleaning

Instruct the patients how to clean their teeth in daily life. Select suitable instruments fitting to the patients.

step3Cleaning Proper

Clean teeth and remove dirt by dental hygienist with exclusive instruments. At last polish and smoothen the tooth surfaces.

step4Fluoride Coating

Coat fluoride on tooth surfaces to strengthen it and prevent decay.

Air Flow Jet Polishing

Polishing tooth surfaces with air flow jet with fine powder. This procedure can help removing the stains adhered to inter-dental surface that is difficult to be cleaned by PMTC procedure. The disadvantage of it is that it cannot remove calculus. Thus, we use PMTC combined air flow jet to treat all locations intra- mouth.

※Please inform us if you have history of systemic diseases or allergy.

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